Most of us would like to believe that we have life figured out, especially when things are going our way and according to plan; but what happens when there’s a sudden change of plan? How do we seek guidance? How do we make sure that the information we’re getting is the right one? How do we know where to begin? Who should we ask for help?

Sometimes people don’t find the career fulfillment they are looking for in their home country. Some people experience a change of heart so sudden that just by visiting a country, out of the blue they realize they want more out of life. They realize they want to migrate to a different country.

Being in the industry for twenty years we know the ins and outs, and what the frequently asked questions are. We can help you find your way and get you back on track. That is why we are committed in helping the concerned public be more informed with their options concerning immigration and employment in the U.S.

Immigration is a very sensitive and complex issue. That is why this February 24, Tuesday, we will be holding an Immigration Clinic: A Dialogue with Experts. In partnership with one of our affiliate law firms, Strassburg, Gilmore and Wei, we will have your questions answered.

Everything and anything about F1 visa being a good starting point that may lead to possible H1b application, Labor Certificate, Green Card to citizenship will be discussed.

We want you to hear the answers from us, the experts, and not get your information from mere hearsay. Even your know-it-all friend can’t really know it all. We want the answers you get from your Google search get verified, because not all information from the internet is correct. We want to empower you with true and legit information.

We will also be introducing another interesting option that migrant workers may want to consider. Starting this year we can help our clients process a J1 visa application. J1 or Exchange Visitor Program is used for educational and cultural exchange. This is done to acquire experience in the US as an ambassador of your home country. We will be discussing this in detail during the dialogue.

We can’t base life decisions on water. We have to find the right foundation to base it on. What else would be a good foundation other than correct information right? So let’s talk.

We’ll not be the only ones who will do the talking. This time you get to talk too. You get to ask everything and anything about immigration with our experts. You don’t get to attend just another seminar. You get to be in an actual dialogue with us.

Contact us now! Seats run out fast! Call us now and reserve a spot.


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