The sun is out, and H1b results are out! Mega May Events is CSI Professionals’ back to back to back combo-seminars on B1,B2 H1b (trapped), F1(students graduating or not) and J1 (professional exchange worker), and Green Card (with or without masters) informative session, workshop and seminar combined for our clients and the concerned public.

Due to public demand, multiple work authorization visa classifications, all to be discussed in multiple sessions: May 14 and 15, May 21 and 22


H1b applications will begin to be returned sometime early next week, and we want to make sure that you know what to do just in case yours is sent back. We will also be screening professional applicants for J1 (Professional Exchange Program).

This event is still FREE so don’t miss out! Contact us now for more information on how to particapte and be considered. Be prepared and know what working visa and job positions you can apply for.
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