Happy Monday! Why is CSI in such high spirits? It is because we have a few pieces of good news to share…

FIRST, it  involves one of CSI clients achieving one of their biggest dreams… An EB3 Green card approval for the entire family in less than 3 years.  Congratulations! Another dream come true for a  logistics management candidate. May this be the start of new beginnings, ROB and family! 

SECOND,   another approval. A J1- Professional trainee first batch approved today! It’s just getting better day-by-day!!! 

This is not the end, CSI Professionals commitment to providing public service continues in different ways and means; for the better. That’s right, our next installment in our FREE monthly seminars is at the end of this week. Even better, these are BACK-TO-BACK EVENTS! We will have a seminar on Friday, September 18 (4:00-6:00pm, and one on Saturday, September 19 (10:30am until 12:30NOON). Our 2-1 combo for our Anniversary Month; CSI @21! 

#CSIat21 #backtobackevents #CSIProfessionals #CSIEmployment #CSIevents #Greencard #professionaltrainee 

congratulations from csi.jpg


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