CSI Professionals’ Inc. conducted another workshop entitled,
ARE YOU HIRE – READY? Last Sept. 18 – 19, it was a back – to – back workshop intended to discuss for 2 days. 
The event was held at CSI Professionals’ Main office and training facilities at Glendale, CA.
The Company Vice President and our employment expert for the last 21 years, Ms. Marge Ordiales answered all inquiries, concerns and even provided case situations of all the attendees. As we say, not all about America is picture-perfect story. The journey is just about to unfold for many; what’s important, an attitude of resilience, understanding and determination. 
We are also pleased to announce the worthy news of the week! We have total of 5 approvals in 5 days.  Three for J1 category and two Green Cards! Our mission to help you reach your American dream is still becoming a reality. As we say, at CSI, we are with you all the way! 
It’s never too late to pursue your dreams! We are leading FREE Workshops every month where you can attend, participate and ask your questions regarding employment and Immigration! Be attentive for our next month’s Event.



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