CSI Professionals’ at LA ORT College

Career Event

CSI Professionals’ takes pride and is thankful to have been part of the LA ORT College Board meeting,for many years.
It is our 7th year in a row to actively contribute and participate in reviewing student’s need as well as keeping “in-tune” with the demands of current industries after school.‎ Life and challenges after school and entering the career world is something that every student may not be prepared for. LA ORT’s commitment to a life-long education and in collaboration with different sectors is indeed, gratifying!

With company VP Ms. Marge Ordiales has been in the employment industry for more than 21 years, being exposed to the economy’s growth, recession, turn overs and changes (good and bad) on employment petitions, strategies and realities in thriving and staying sturdy in the challenging work-world of America, is her expertise!

With events like this, the certification and programs for students will be highly developed and improved through the help of board members who will brain storm their ideas to come up with effective programs for the students and the public.

Be involved. Allow us to keep you posted with our latest updates on employment and US employment based petitions!


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