Memorandum March 2, 2016: Anticipated H1-B Application Deadline

Memorandum March 2, 2016:  Anticipated H1-B Application Deadline

Anyone thinking of filing an h1b petition/application had better meet or call us NOW at our emergency hotline #213 487 5092 and 818 476 0082.

With ONLY less than 4 weeks left before April 1st, we sure cannot ignore it’s alarming sign and warning.  Lesson learned from prior years, especially from last year, when H1b CLOSED on the first week without a warning. What’s left for us; use gut feel, follow trend and history and leave the work with employment and immigration experts!

April 1st is supposedly the first filing date only for H1-B.  If approvable, the actual start and commencement of H1-B begins on October 1st of every year.  The USCIS will receive petitions until it determines it has received the maximum allowed under the H1-B cap quota.

There will be no advance notices by USCIS. This means that our safest course of action is to file all H1-B petitions on the first available date.  H1-B cap that is subject to petitions should be submitted for delivery to the service center with jurisdiction NO EARLIER than April 1, 2016. Otherwise, we may not get the LCA back by April 3rd (the last day to overnight the petition to USCIS), if ever.

In prior years, the quota has been reached on the first day.  Now, that the US economy is rapidly improving, it won’t be a surprise that the cap will be reached fast. It means that when economy is good; we have more demand for specialty occupation and workers.  If the USCIS receives a sufficient number of petitions to reach the numerical limit during the first five business days in April, the USCIS will conduct a random selection which is a lottery system.

In the event the volume of filings triggers the five business day filing rule, the filing window will end on Thursday, April 7, 2016.

This is a strong analysis only and not an official announcement.  Given that our office witnessed OVER two (2) decades of both hands on experience of H1-B processing along with cap subject cases. With combined expert and our offices’ prediction, we may run out of H1-B’s the first week of filing once again, this year!

For more up-to-date information, please call as at (213) 487-5059 / (818) 476-0082 or email us at  Our office hours are from Mondays thru Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30PM.

Let this also serve as a public notice as well  that we’ve expanded our offices and hours at both Los Angeles and Glendale locations.


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