Be an inspiration!

CSI Professionals’ Inc. APRIL-FULL packed month is not limited to activities, but for approvals as well.
The path to the so-called, American Dream is not the same for all. This is not an easy journey as you foresee it, but all the sacrifices, hard work and patience are worth it and humbling; it’s a process and not a destination.
Lakers’ KOBE Bryant, his legacy in the Basketball industry doesn’t stop there… He might have ended his career as a basketball star yesterday, but his last game was a symbol of grace and passion. He will forever be an inspiration to his fellow colleagues and opponents.
What’s our point here and for those seeking a new life and journey to the UNKNOWN world and new life; the new immigrants, aspiring ones and hopefuls?
With this, we are glad to share our recent b1/b2, H1b LC and Green Card approvals. The fruit of their diligence and perseverance are a viscous cycle of challenges, trials as well as test of residence, attitude and many more. In the end, it’s not the TRIUMPH but the lessons learned.
Each of us are gifted in a unique way. As we continue to make ourselves better and to make a difference in one’s life, through your experiences and testimonials, we continue to improve our services for the benefit of the vast majority.



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