Back-to-Back Event at CAL-STATE LA

What do we do now as young idealist, but practical graduates, hungry for real life learning?
Are you the positive type who is not afraid and willing to learn? (Yes, You are!)
Your School is your FIRST step or your training ground that will mold your career
Take Advantage of the opportunity to learn and identify your passion
In side the campus activities like these, gives you the chance to show what you’ve got
Learn as many as you can while you’re young
This is our advice for you, Don’t be afraid to F-A-I-L.
Instead, embrace this F-A-I-Ling moment (First-Attempt-In-Learning).

The real world is just one step away from graduation.

CSI Professionals Inc full May Program just keeps on marching forward in wheels. We will see you again at the very heart of Los Angeles as we face the students and seniors of Cal state Los Angeles who “Speaks the truth as the way of life.” Come and learn from the experts in the employment industry.

#May17-18 #PanelDiscussion #MockInterview #CollegeofBusiness #CsiProfessionalsInc #CalStateLA #LifeAfterCollege #Opportunity #Jobs #VoxVeritasVita



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