In Unity: We empower ourselves & the community


Los Angeles County Filipino American Employee Association (LACFAEA)  is working diligently together with CSI Professionals Inc. and Strasburg, Gilmore and Wei (SGW) for one common goal and that is to help the concerned public know what services are available to them and what their rights are. They are doing this in order to be able to reach out to other Fil-Am employees outside the government. 

It is also worth mentioning that SGW and CSI are both part of LACFAEA’ s advisory board. With this, a power house partnership between the three strong and steady institutions are built to ensure its members, their families and the Filipino-American community that there is someone that they can turn to for help and support on their employment and or legal representation needs.

LACFAEA  is also working hand in hand on employment and mentorship with CSI Professionals. LACFAEA aims to provide work committees, employee stewardships and chapter organizations in major departments in order to plan and carry out strategies of recruitment and action towards unification of Filipino-American employees in the County of Los Angeles.

CSI Professionals’ on the other hand, is extending their services to the relatives and friends of the LACFAEA members. They provide mentorship and guidance to job seekers, placement and free workshops for aspiring foreign national applicants and both local and international graduating students.

Strassburg, Gilmore and Wei is providing their service and  assistance to LACFAEA members and CSI clients and their relatives. One of their advocacies is to improve community safety by using the Court system to enforce the safety rules that protect all of us. 

They accept a small number of serious injury cases for people who are legitimately injured and need help in obtaining justice. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means no recovery – no fee. 

Together, CSI Professionals and Strassburg, Gilmore and Wei provide FREE employment and immigration assessment for LACFAEA family members here and abroad to help them further understand their US citizenship eligibility.



One response to “In Unity: We empower ourselves & the community

  1. Our local city government decided to make this past saturday night a "justice for Trayvon" memorial event. It really amazes me how many people don't realize that "justice" means allowing the legal system to do it's job and accepting the results. In this case, the DA decided there is not enough evidence to reasonably assure the guilt of Mr. Zimmerman. Innocent until proven guilty. Media hype and the public opinion of the media-fed masses is not proof. Arresting someone without proof of a crime being committed is not &qsuc;joutite".

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