Speaking from the Heart

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Speaking from the Heart: Saying and Making the truth Understood

(CSI’s Marge Ordiales speaks by Heart and gives another Seminar on US Employment and Immigration at the peak of President’s Trump’s  US Immigration Reform vow to change a lot of visa categories for the deserving and skilled foreign professionals.)

“Let your conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

I am perplexed with how the society works now from the president of my home country to the president of my next home for more than 2 decades, the United States. The younger generation’s  technical skills but, at the same time, the less imaginative and resourcefulness that allowed them to be impatient, more than the younger years of my time, when we only had a mickey mouse phone or a fisher price medical kit to work on and dream to be future professionals; now, it’s a one whole magical world.

I still consider myself a middle-aged and thriving businesswoman and yes, an immigrant despite the US citizenship which I believe was fought hard and worked doubly hard for.  I guess, the struggle of today’s society is still human communication; so much so, that I never saw myself in the business of service with a lot of diverse communication going on each day, with no lethal weapon of communications degree in neither pocket.  So to speak, a major in biology, a master’s in science and juris doctor in law won’t bring much realization that no matter what level of education is attained, no one can ultimately master the art of communication and conquer the whole world. The only thing I have proven in time is that, there are creative ways on how we can relay a message well and still affect people’ live positively.

With over 2 decades of expertise and paving ways to some of the most difficult and successful employment based petitions and pioneering group workshops and seminars on US Employment & Immigration here in the US and other parts of the globe, I can say that, I have mastered the basic elements of communication yet I still desire to communicate beyond the surface level. For this to happen, we must grasp and accept that communication in its true essence, is not an ART but a HEART’s Desire.

At the heart of communication lay prayer, truth, wisdom, grace and love — all of which are addressed in this journey to serve others through communication policies and procedures. In the same way that we should speak genuinely, we should also be mindful of the manner of delivery and content of our message.  Different settings or areas in our everyday lives need mindful communication: in the workplace, at home, interpersonal, cultural/intercultural, etc.  Maybe with all these principles, we can have less stressful days at work and in our everyday encounters. We can even say, “Thank God, it’s another opportunity to live and communicate myself positively with others!”

Be a GIFT to OTHERS. We might be tired of this saying but, it’s true. Try to be an influence or a mirror of positive change through communication. Communicate with your heart in every place that you go to and with everyone you encounter. It’ll be like a contagious smile. Even with the language barriers and defects in human nature, a single thing unites everything and everyone and makes a message understood.  At the end  of the day, the heart binds  all and breaks the brick walls of all diversity and human imperfection.  No one is exempted from  “speaking  from”, and “understanding through” the greatest communication tool which is the heart, when used for a genuine purpose.



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