CSI Professional’s Annual Career Forum at California International University


ciu event


Last February 23, 2017 Thursday, CSI Professionals Inc. conducted another career workshop at California International University with the help of Mr. Raul Fontanares (President of Student Council) Dr. Judy Wood, International Business Law Professor  and Dr. Mohseni, Head of the Committee for Student Affairs. They were joined by young professionals, mostly International students of CIU.

The theme for this workshop is focused on the improvement/ enhancement of the applicants for their job interview process. Also, since most of the attendees are international students, our sub topic concerns foreign students who are eligible applicants of a CPT and OPT.

The students’ were given a chance to show what they’ve learned through an impromptu mock interview by Dr. Wood it was challenging at the same time fun and informative activity. This served as an informative and challenging activity for all students.

CSI Professionals’ provided handouts of Interview Guidelines to help them review for their upcoming job interviews. Flyers of our upcoming activities so that whoever wants to join us again will have the details and maybe they can bring a friend with them. We concluded the seminar with  some added and reinforced hard earned life lessons, such as always be grateful, be confident and always think that your attitude is for hire!

For the 2nd part of the workshop which focused on How to obtain green card through employment-based petition or working visa after completing CPT / OPT. Since most of the attendees were international students, they highly participated and took advantage in understanding their CPT and OPT.

[CPT – (Curriculum Practical Training)

  • To work as an intern in F-1 Visa, you will need to get an internship
  • CPT is a work authorization that will allow the student to do an internship
  • CPT can be issued for 1 semester up to 364 Days (rules vary among universities)
  • If you have 365 days of CPT, you may not be able to get an OPT.

OPT – (Optional Practical Training)

  • OPT is a 1-year work permit given to students after completing a graduate degree program in the United States.
  • You have to find1 a job within 90 days of that 1 year period after graduation, or else you become out of status.
  • If your employer is enrolled in the eVerify program, you can get up to 29 months of OPT.
  • You have to apply for H-1B visa while in OPT.]

All questions and other concerns by the students of CIU were answered and addressed one by one by CSI’s Vice President, Ms. Marge Ordiales.

However, as much as the CSI team wanted to dig deeper discussing issues concerning Immigration, the time is not sufficient to cover all questions of the attendees. In light to this, CSI Professionals announced that all interested applicants will be scheduled separately with Ms. Marge at the Glendale Office.




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