Spring Job Fair 2017 Glendale Community College

CSI Professionals Inc, Glendale CA. It was an interesting and lively day for CSI as we took part on the Spring Career Event held at Glendale Community College last Thursday, March 30, 2017. It’s Our 6th year of Partnership with GCC and the community with 1 common vision,  a better career for you!

This time, our VP and employment experts, Ms. Marge Ordiales and team also took part on the said event; interviewing both local and international students.  The applicants came in prepared with a high degree of interest and enthusiasm; they inquired on job trends and internship opportunities.

As for the Alumnus, they were looking for not just jobs but discussing expectations of employers. They wish to seek new opportunities; to stay afloat with the demands of the new work force. Most of them were ready with their resume`s organized in their folder or future case compilation; some applicants are even taking extra credit units in preparation for a new career or growth; while others were unemployed for almost a year or so, and would like to seek guidance to address their long term unemployment.

What added to a day of excitement was the applicants’ lively and positive disposition.

A good percentage of the candidates have had experiences on administrative and clerical positions; these positions are of course common but not necessarily competitive. In this light, we highly encouraged the applicants to join our monthly employment seminars and forums, so they maybe well updated on the demands of the work force in various industries.

This is just a start as we continue to “March on Wheels” and culminate our “Spring and Summer Activities on various Career Events in different Colleges and Universities in LA County, Southern and Northern California.

To the organizers, Administrative and support team of GCC: KUDOS again! May we continue our thriving relationship and vision all you. With all these comes an education, training and resilient attitude, we combine and mold the students and the US workforce aspirants with at par credentials, ready to make AMERICA, great again!


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