Spring; Rebirth, Renewal and Regrowth

spring new

Spring is a beautiful season awaited by most people. It is a transition from “cold” to “just right”, from a busy season to a fresh, clean start. For students, they anticipate this season to take a break from school and enjoy their spring break by traveling, hanging out with their friends or relaxing; but not all of us may treat it the same way.

For immigrant hopefuls, April 1st or the weeks approaching that date marks a busy and crucial period because it is the H1B filing Season. It is a month that they need to act fast (or find a good mentor, if available) in order to pursue and file for their H1B application in the hope to attain their working visa.

As we all know, H1-B Cap has been changing drastically for about a decade now or so, for instance in 2009, the H1B Cap was reached on December 2009 (3 months after the start of the h1b fiscal year). The following year, the cap was reached on January 2010, and in 2011, surprisingly, the cap was reached on November 2011.  This only implies that despite the recession, the employment rate is getting better, and every year there is no guarantee as to the closing date of accepting applications; it just depends on how fast people apply, how fast cases get adjudicated and how fast the quota is reached. Therefore, it is better to find a good mentor and proper assistance in order in order to be part of the H1B Application this fiscal year.

CSI Professionals Inc. unparalleled 23 years in employment and in collaboration with Experts in Immigration has rebuilt a stronger and better alliance, and committed to support and guide the public on US employment policies and immigration processes, as always.  For this critical period, we maintain to provide a Free Monthly Seminar to educate the public about their job opportunities and available working visas.

This year, H1b closed 5 days after its 1st filing date. USCIS started receiving applications last April 3rd, and the cap was reached on Friday, April 7th.

At this time, we have an event and will be re-joined by Attorney Wei of  SGW Law Group, being one of our legal counsels, and who will bring to the public a more in-depth understanding and approach to working visa applications for new, current and future cases.

CSI in turn, being the expert in employment and career placements, will discuss through its very own Ms. Marge Ordiales, how you can start your life, career and future with the help of its tested and professional services and assistance.

For those who missed the year’s H1b by just a fraction of an inch, this time is not too early, ACT NOW and Be AHEAD and take advantage of the opportunities that you will gain from our Experts!


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