An Intern’s Corner


As a new graduate, the excitement of being liberated from school work is freedom in every sense of the word. As with every young individual my age,  I have my goals set for myself and as much as I want to achieve it, I‘m finding myself sometimes at a loss and crossroads between reality and the ideal road to success!

A week ago, April 29, 2017, I was given an opportunity to join an Expo for Interns. It was held at the LA convention center by almost hundreds of students from US Colleges & Universities.

For me, it was a sort of a dream coming true; attending this kind of event gives me possibilities and hope of achieving my goals.

One of the booths that exhibit their services in the said event was CSI Professional Inc. They are an employment agency that caters to individuals’ need: from local to international applicants. Given their kind of services and the success they exhibit through their past clients’ gives me hope and a reason to believe that even an international with foreign credentials like me, has every reason to dream and turn possibilities into a reality.

I was offered immediate internship and I know I have a long way to go; but, the wait molds my character to be patient, and there are no shortcuts to success!

Finally, this is the long-awaited road I needed to take. There is no turning back; certainly, NO GIVING UP!


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