119th Philippine Independence Day Celebration

Philippine Independence Day for us living away from our land of birth… when we talk of our independence, we think of our fallen heroes.
“Being a hero doesn’t mean dying in the middle of a war or being shot in the center of a crowd.
You can be one by doing simple deed out of kindness without asking for anything in return or doing it merely for no reason at all.”
Today, and everyday, let’s take pride, unite and most of all, pray for our history of independence; that no one or no hate, fear or man shall take away from us.
That in all of us, there is a hero within.
CSI Supports the LA COUNTY FILIPINO AMERICAN EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION (LACFAEA) Independence Day celebration tomorrow Saturday, June 10 at the Hilton Pasadena/ International Ballroom 168 South Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101
Do not miss the fun!
#PhilippineIndependenceday #juneevent #surprises #csiprofessionalsinc #LACFAEA
#filipinosareheroes #filipinopride.

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