Job Opportunity



POSITION: Product Designer

HOURS: 35-40 Hours/Wk

EXPERIENCE: 5 Years (60 months) of Electronics Engineering or related experience

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Related


  • Develop products to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Work closely with production to ensure the product is produced to the client’s specifications. Analyze current designs and report possible improvements.
  • Oversee safety tests of all products and make any necessary alterations. Responsible for the quality and safety of all manufactured goods.
  • Place orders for materials necessary for designs.
  • Coordinate with Lead Product Designer to ensure that current and new products are cost efficient, safe, and meet Cal-Royal high-quality product standards.
  • Provide advice and support company staff on designing process as well as customer problems.
  • Manage project deadlines. Oversee that the products are produced to the client’s specifications.
  • Determine costs of production schedules, orders, specifications of manufacturing equipment, and all related information to acquire knowledge of Cal Royal’s methods and procedures.
  • Utilize mathematical calculations and statistics to figure out production standards, staff requirements, and manufacturing processes.
  • Analyzes and plans work force utilization, space requirements, and workflow, and designs layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency. Confers with planning and design staff concerning product design and tooling to ensure efficient production methods.
  • Implement objectives to ensure quality control and create procedures to simultaneously minimize costs while maximizing reliable of products.
  • Create an operations sequence for fabrication and part assembly to guarantee efficient operation.
  • Confer with vendors, consumers and Cal-Royal staff members regarding product specifications, project status, and manufacturing capabilities to ensure that all relevant individuals are aware of company happenings.
  • Establish operation procedures to assemble products and fabricate necessary items to promote efficiency.
  • Suggest cost saving implementations to management while remaining mindful of manufacturing quality and product design.




6605 Flotilla St,.

Commerce, CA 90040

Contact Number: 323-888-6601



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