CSI J1- Professional Exchange Visa- Now on its Global Hiring!



Important announcement to all eligible applicants: J1 Professional Trainees and other candidates in the field of Business, Science, Technology, and Arts; we are re-hiring and our eligible companies are sponsoring again for Fall 2017 until the requirements for these fields are substantially fulfilled.

We, CSI Professionals Inc, welcomes all J1 visa professional trainee Applicants, once again, from here and across the globe, effective today, July 10, 2017.

As some may know, our J1 professionals from 2015 to 2016 were at 98% approval, with only 2% mortality as a result of employers change of heart, and or applicants.

Allow us to reintroduce some important definitions on J1 – Professional Exchange Trainees:

What is a J1 Visa?

This is a Visitor Exchange Program wherein one can be considered as an exchange visitor and ambassador of his/her country under a specific program to do an educational and cultural exchange in a sponsoring company.

Upon completion of the program which may last up to 18 months, the J1 will return and bring home what has been learned while with the US sponsoring company.

Are you qualified?

Requires a bachelor’s degree and just one year of work related experience only, this visa application is not for everyone. You have to be the best at your profession and you must have exceptional experience and skills.

Who are the people involved?

US organizations can be sponsors. This can be anyone from government agencies, academic institutions, educational and cultural organizations, corporations that administer exchange visitor programs.

They are the ones who screen and select exchange visitors who will participate.

There will be a responsible officer that will be assigned by the sponsors. They will be in charge of assisting and advising exchange visitors.  They will also be the one to issue the Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019). Part of their responsibility as well is to communicate with the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security

What are the basic requirements for J1 application?

You must have a current/updated form DS-2019, care of the responsible officer. You must have a health insurance. Health insurance can be from your sponsor or you can get it on your own.

Minimum health insurance coverage must be availed for yourself and any dependents.

What if I am married and I have children that I want to take with me?

If the J1 visa holder has a spouse and dependent, they may apply for J2 with the permission of the sponsor and as permitted by some J1 categories. The dependents must be under the age of 21 and unmarried for them to qualify.

Like the J1 visa holder, the J2 holder must have health insurance as well. This is discussed after we receive a primary applicants approval.
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