As the most competitive and ethnically diverse generation, the Millennials of today occupy the largest part of our workforce.

Given their advanced skills in Science & Technology, Business, Communication, and Arts, along with combined & unique strategies in the working environment, they start to have a major impact in the direction of the modern society and workforce, and in general.

Where and what lies ahead of this growing age and population of millennials in such a fast-paced and competitive world?

Quality enhancement of skills and personality development is a must for this generation to utilize their talents. The good news is, CSI Professions is now on its RE-HIRING Season for Professional and Exchange Trainees (J1). This is a great opportunity for this younger generation to prove their worth, despite being misunderstood.

Are you one of them?

Join our professional exchange program and explore opportunities!  This is Open for Business, Science & Technology, and Arts major.

Gain experience, learn about other cultures, & work with different people and most of all, learn from them. #LearnBeyondBorders! 

As an advisory: We are now processing August applicants. All September to October aspirants should start submitting their applications immediately. Please call us at (818) 476 0082 and (213) 487 5059, be prepared with your Resume’s showing your 4 year Bachelor’s Degree, at least 1 year of work experience and training. These are minimum requirements. After we assess your resume’, you will be given a schedule for an interview with us, immediately.




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