Act on H1b NOW!

The USCIS permits the filing of cap subject H-1B petitions 180 days prior to the beginning of the government’s next fiscal year which is 1-Oct-18. That being the case H-1B petitions can be filed as early as 2-Apr-18. With the increased demand for H-1B’s and the quota being exhausted since April 7 of last year, many are predicting the H-1B cap will be hit the first week of April again of this year!

Why is the start of processing now?

With prevailing wage issues that may need to be worked out in advance, and the current Department of Labor processing time for the LCA as well as ensuring complete and accurate document collection the smart employer and candidate or non-immigrant eligible candidate will be ahead of the pipeline by proactively managing this process and initiating their cases today

Why was CSI Professionals Inc Conducting H1b Seminars as early as January of this year?

As an employment agency matching foreign specialists with sponsoring US companies, we all know that the Immigration Laws of the United States is a very complex and dynamic area of law. Therefore, CSI Professionals will provide you with reliable information about Immigration Laws; we conduct seminars as early as now to help you understand and know your next move.

Our recent H1b seminars from January to early February aim to assist public in understanding the most recent and important changes in diverse and complex Immigration Law, affecting the H1b program. On the other hand, participants may ask an Immigration expert some more individualized questions, pertinent to their respective cases and choices.

As we know H1b has been complexed since time immemorial and we are 24 years of expertise in employment and immigration, we do not give you the theory, we try to impart the reasonable and applicable solution to your employment petition needs.

Do not make the common mistake and start calling 213-487-5059 or visit us at


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