Act now or cry later!

H1B Season is here; File while you can

CSI was pro-active in preparation for this news and H1b for fiscal year 2018-19, as early as the final quarter of 2017. The first filing date is on April 2nd, being a Monday, of next month. Many of the candidates are made to believe that, the processing is just about to begin. But the sad reality and truth is, we’re close to risking the probability of NOT making it to this year’s pipeline.  As a result and due to requests from many clients and employers, we’ve called for an emergency session to discuss the probability and chances of still trying to “get in” by April 2nd. At least, this year’s 1st filing date does not fall on April fool’s (1st). If you don’t make it, the challenge remains but, the beauty of new chances, will unfold; just be prepared!  I will claim the employment expert title for now; it’s not boastful; but, the 24 years has evolved greatly, with both the ups and downs in both US employment and immigration. This I call humbly-responsibility and compassion combined.

Join us on March 08, 2018 (Thursday) at 2:00pm – 4:00pm, as we get ahead and “March” for what lies ahead for foreign professionals.

For details please call us at 818-476-0082 and 213-487-5059.  You may also email your questions to or simply join us for the 2 hour informative session.  The article we chose to share supports the upcoming scenario for this fiscal year’s H1b!



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